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 Subject : Aging in America Conference: Chicago March 20-24.. 02/13/2017 01:43:07 PM 
Claire McGurn
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Aging in America Conference: Chicago March 20-24

Over 3,000 professionals who work with older adults are expected at the annual American Society on Aging’s annual conference, “Aging in America 2017,” to be held in Chicago, March 20-24. According to the ASA, the conference is recognized for its 360-degree view of the multidisciplinary issues, challenges and opportunities in aging. In addition to programs organized within 11 professional program categories, the 2017 conference will feature several "conferences within the conference" that run each day throughout the week.
LLI managers and volunteers may be interested in the track of workshops and symposia focused on lifelong learning, wellness and engagement hosted by the Lifetime Education and Renewal Network (LEARN). Members of the Lifetime Education and Renewal Network (LEARN) are involved in all aspects of education for older adults. LEARN's goal is “to increase your knowledge of the nature and promise of lifelong learning so you can enhance the quality as well as the quantity of programs for older adults. LEARN provides updates on program models, how adults learn, public policy issues, new research, funding sources and training opportunities. The network also helps you stay connected with peers and promotes the exchange of ideas and information in this specialized field.”
The Lifelong Learning, Wellness and Engagement track at the Conference includes:


University Campus & Community Partnerships for Learning, Wellness & Engagement

Colleges and universities have a valuable and large untapped resource: their retired faculty and staff. As institutions of higher education begin to recognize and engage this important group, campus-based retiree centers and associations are forming and creating campus partnerships that offer intergenerational wellness and lifelong learning programs of benefit to the campus and local communities. Models and practices of these programs will be presented highlighting various university programs.

Aged to Perfection: Engaging Older Adults Through University Partnerships for Learning and Wellness

Two university-based programs have the common goal of enhancing older adults’ wellness and healthy aging. One expands students' knowledge about older adults to positively impact typically perceptions of life after age 65. Older adults were involved in the development and teaching of the course. The other examines how colleges and universities engage their retirees for service and learning. Highlighted are partnerships that can serve as models for community learning programs focused on longevity, healthy aging and wellness.

Older Adults and Education: What It Was, What It Is and What It Could Be

Learn about the unique history of the Lifelong Learning Movement in the United States and what's on the horizon for healthy aging through university-level social learning. Hear about the latest trends in national and international lifelong learning research, and join us for a discussion about curriculum design. Don't miss the opportunity to also discuss the challenges and opportunities faced by lifelong learning providers across the country.

Meet the Grantmakers

This session gives attendees an opportunity to learn about the grant-making process directly from those who make the grant decisions. Presenters will describe the different types of grant-making foundations, how to approach and talk to potential funders, and trends among foundations.

Poster Sessions

A Comprehensive Evaluation of a Lifelong Learning Program: Program 60

This study evaluated a university-based lifelong learning program, Program 60 at The Ohio State University. The study examined participants' motivation to participate in the program and perceived benefits of the program. The study results show that participants' experiences in the program were associated with their psychological and social well-being. Also, study results suggest that a university-based lifelong learning program provides an environment for intergenerational engagement.

Peer Group Meeting

Lifelong Learning Practitioners and Researchers Peer Group

This peer group will provide an opportunity for lifelong learning researchers and practitioners (instructors, program planners, program coordinators, trainers and others) to meet and talk with national and international peers. It will be a chance to share ideas and concerns with others in the field.

Innovations in Technology

AAC will explore innovations in technology and how these technologies are being used in creative ways to improve the lives of older adults. The following sessions are among those featured at the conference.
  • 21st Century Digital Communities: Technology that Supports Aging Needs
  • Building a Community-Based Sustainable Telehealth Intervention Program for Seniors
  • Policy to Practice: Assistive Technology and Aging
  • Addressing Social Isolation Through Technology

Visit to learn more. To contact ASA directly to request a conference brochure, call 1-800-537-9728 or email
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