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 Subject : Distance Learning ?.. 03/20/2018 02:10:46 PM 
Art Frenz
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Does anyone have experience with using distance learning for a LLI course? Someone a distant city & university asked if we would interested in having one of their professors conduct a 'distance learning' class for us at ICL in Young Harris. There probably other universities that would do offer this as well. I think this open up many opportunities for us.

We are a small org with limited resources (established in 1991). One class room that seats 24. So we obviously run only one track of courses on a quarterly basis, usually 12-16 courses each term. We have a ten year computer (now on Windows 10) connected to the Internet (100 mbps) and an overhead projector.

The college IT department has recommended we purchase a new computer and install a camera for distance learning. This would enable two way A/V communications with remote instructor(s).

So if anyone has brought 'distance learning' into their classroom:
  • Has this been a positive experience?
  • What kind of hardware used?
  • What kind of software used?
  • What would you change?
  • What would you recommend for a small org like us?
Thanks for your input!

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