About LLIs


A Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI) is a community of peer-learning in which members, and/or both retired and active faculty, and outside experts learn from and teach each other. LLIs offer non-credit college-level educational experiences, but with little or no homework and at a fraction of the cost. Classes are taught by members, and/or both retired and active faculty, and outside experts who have a particular expertise. But perhaps best of all — the life experience of all members elevates the discourse.What is a Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI)?

LLIs that are members of the LLI Resource Network are committed to:
  • Learners having significant involvement in developing college-level educational programming
  • An organizational structure, which distinguishes the Institute as an educational community of older learners.
  • An educational purpose to the Institute by providing college level course work usually on a non-credit basis.
  • A membership organization in that learners join Institutes. Organizational structures (by-laws, committees, etc.) create an entity with identity and purpose of its own.
  • Open membership by involving members in decision-making. In addition to determining curriculum, members may be active in recruiting new members, financing the Institute and developing social programming.
  • Co-curricular programming by encouraging participation without regard to previous levels of formal education.