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 Subject : Identifying Members as Potential Volunteers.. 01/06/2017 01:39:33 PM 
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Ralph Stromberg, Executive Director of SOAR affiliated with Wayne State University asks:

Do any members of the Network have any information on the subject of how various lifelong learning programs deal with the subject of volunteers?

SOAR utilizes at least 400 volunteers in the course of a year. Besides working on various ad-hoc and standing committees, volunteers are needed for duties such as class attendance takers, greeters who direct members to classes, introducers of lecturers, and working on class registration.

It is an extremely time consuming activity to identify volunteers for all of the duties dealing with classes.

Network members, what are the efficient and effective ways that you identify members for these activities?

We have tried to utilize our online registration system to provide this programming with limited success.

I would appreciate any information that you can provide.

Thank You,
Ralph Stromberg, Executive Director
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