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 Subject : Re:Recruiting Volunteers.. 10/24/2017 09:08:52 PM 
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This is the tactic that our LLI council has just decided to adopt. In the past, as part of our class registration, we have asked members to indicate the committees that interest them. The majority check "none right now". In the spring, we will be including a requirement that members enter their special interests and skills along with committees of interest. We have also held two volunteer fairs where members could sign up for committees. One sign up sheet was just for special interests. We got me response on the special interests than on the committees.

Merrilee Osterhoudt
Marist Center for Lifetime Study
Poughkeepsie, NY
 Subject : Recruiting Volunteers.. 09/27/2017 05:51:44 PM 
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This is an attendee survey idea from the 2017 Southern Regional Conference for Learning in Retirement

"The "Focus On Marketing" presentation argued persuasively that rather than recruit volunteers to work on a committee, it would be better to recruit for specific skills and/or relationships—a photographer; a community activist whose mailing list you might exploit; a retired TV Station manager whose contacts would open doors for publicity; or people good at catchy headline writing."

-What do you think of this volunteer recruiting idea? How does your LLI recruit volunteers?
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