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 Subject : Free Webinars for Nonprofit Organizations.. 09/06/2018 01:29:50 PM 
Claire McGurn
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This information was taken from an article on nonprofit hub

1. Nonprofit Hub Webinars

With topics ranging from your social media presence, how to optimize landing pages, and what the best online tools are for nonprofits. Every nonprofit webinar is free and available throughout the month. Highly recommended.

2. Nonprofit 911

Frequent, high-quality educational material from a fundraising services provider. All webinars are free.

3. Grantspace Live Webinars

You can find many nonprofit webinars here, as provided by the Foundation Center. Plenty of good content to check back for each month.

4. Wild Apricot Webinars

Wild Apricot not only hosts their own stellar webinars, but they also agregate webinars each month to highlight what you can’t miss.

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