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 Subject : Satellite group.. 02/26/2018 09:33:10 PM 
Kathy Amos
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Hello all -

We are a relatively small LLI (350 members) that is run with one director and lots of volunteers. There is no Continuing Education Department to help support us. We have one satellite group in another town close by. That group has its own curriculum committee, board of directors, membership committee, etc. and has done relatively well. Members at either location can take classes from both "campuses".

We have several active adult communities and CCRC's in our area. We have been approached by these communities with an interest on their part in having our LLI offer courses at their locations.

Our problem lies in the fact that these locations do not want to do the work necessary to run their own programs (establish committees, design their own curriculum) nor do they want a reciprocal agreement, whereby members on the already established "campuses" can attend classes at these new locations. The reasoning I generally hear is that they do not want "strangers" on their property or "management" won't let outsiders in their clubhouse.

I wonder if any of you have dealt with the same issues and if any resolution was found.

Thanks in advance,

Kathy Amos
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