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 Subject : Archiving.. 09/10/2015 02:08:03 PM 
Ann Simanis
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We, at LIRIC(Learning in Retirement at Iona College), have just begun to digitize our archives. To date, we have saved everything, but we want to me more efficient. We would love to hear from other LLIs about what they consider to be important for their archives.

Thank you all so much.
Lila Ogman
LIRC LLI Resource Network Liason
 Subject : Re:Archiving.. 09/10/2015 02:41:47 PM 
Liz Tiley
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Members of Five College Learning in Retirement refer to archived:
Catalogs for curriculum ideas
Council minutes for topics that have been considered important to the organization
Membership lists to acknowledge some of the current members who have been with 5CLIR for many years and memorialize those who pass away each year
Newsletters for the fun of it
 Subject : Re:Archiving.. 09/11/2015 03:56:52 AM 
Art Frenz
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We have digital records of newsletters, course catalogs, membership rolls, meeting minutes, org by-laws and operational decisions and student evaluation of course. We have a digital gallery of photos taken during the year of activities taken in classes as well as photos of instructors for promos.

Our most recent project is a developing a data base containing an instructor table and a course table. We have four years of data entered so far. Using this, we can generate ad-hoc reports showing what courses have been offer, by whom and the results. Since the curriculum is the heart of our LLI, we need to know what has been offered and how was it received.

In the course table we have such data as:
• Course name
• Date offered
• Instructor ID
• Length of course
• Course fee
• Number of registrations

We use Libre Office Base (free, open source program) to maintain the data base.

Hope this helps!
In the Top of Georgia!
Young Harris GA
ICL at Young Harris College
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