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 Subject : Partnering With Retirement Communities.. 10/22/2015 02:11:19 PM 
Ann Simanis
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The following question was posed to the LLI Network last year:

The number of retirement communities in our area is growing rapidly. While we see this audience as a source of new members, we are also looking to be proactive in offering our services to these communities. For a number of years we have visited retirement communities and have made presentations touting the benefits of becoming members of our
Institute. Recently we have had several inquiries from some of our larger retirement communities requesting that we conduct programs at their locations. This brings up additional questions such as:
1. Should we require these residents to become members of our
2. Should we offer mini courses and charge the organization a flat
3. Since we pay our instructors only a small stipend, would we run
the risk of turning them off?
While we see this as a great opportunity to bring learning to more seniors, we would like comments from others who have experience in this area.
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