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 Subject : Fundraising.. 05/19/2016 07:46:06 PM 
Don Tritschler
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Explorers LLI of Salem State University is looking for fundraising ideas. We need to update our audio-visual equipment in several ways. Presently its operation in our four classrooms varies. We want to standardize it so that our course leaders can us it more easily—that is, without the help of one of our technology experts present. In addition, we need a more dependable system to send images and sound between our classrooms to accommodate overflow attendance.

A second purpose for additional funds is scholarship help. We ant to share our 50 classes per term courses with those who can't affordable of our membership fees: $140 for six months ($240 spousal)s; $275 for a year ($425 spousal). We believe this will also increase cultural diversity among our membership.

Third, we need to increase our membership. Some of the money we hope to raise will allow us to advertise and do market research.

Finally, we need a modest endowment to protect us from sudden changes in our operations, such as the rental of our quarters.

We will ber grateful for any suggestions to increase our fundraising efforts.
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