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 Subject : Suggested courses for attracting pre and early retiree participants... 06/27/2017 12:43:47 PM 
Marty Telles
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I am doing research for my local LLI and we are interested in methods and courses that will attract younger participants. Any suggestions on type of courses, programs, time of sessions, etc.?
 Subject : Re:Suggested courses for attracting pre and early retiree participants.. 06/27/2017 01:19:11 PM 
Claire McGurn
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Subject :Re:Suggested courses for attracting pre and early retiree participants.

OLLI Fullerton hosts a series of courses aimed at people about to retire called "Transitions in Retirement Essentials" They run these complimentary classes on Saturday's in the spring and fall. Some of the classes they have offered are "Maintaining Good Health in Retirement", Financial Strategies in Retirement", "The Eyes Have It" a class on eye health,"Cleaning Out the Clutter and Hoarding","Social Security Essentials"Around the World, Travel While Learning"
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