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 Subject : Help an LLI - How do LLIs report upward to their institutions?.. 09/25/2017 06:35:35 PM 
Claire McGurn
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My name is Carol Jonson and I am on the volunteer advisory committee and am also a volunteer instructor for The Renaissance Academy at Florida Gulf Coast University. My friend Christine Wheeler was the Renaissance Academy "member" at Road Scholar, but she is no longer on staff at the Renaissance Academy.

I was hoping to get some information for a project I am working on about how the various LLIs who are part of Road Scholar report upward in their institutions. Renaissance Academy reports up through Continuing Education, and Hodges University in Naples, FL (where I was on the LLI board and was a charter faculty member since 1996) reported to the University's Foundation. I am sure there are many different reporting structures among member LLIs

Is there any such information available and is there any way I could have access to that information?

Thank you so much.

Carol Jonson
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