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 Subject : RILL presents The American Story of Robert Russa Moton.. 05/30/2017 01:49:58 PM 
Claire McGurn
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From the Rappahannock Community College Educational Foundation’s Rappahannock Institute for Lifelong Learning (RILL), comes a three-session course celebrating the life of one of the most influential—but little-known—African-American leaders of the early twentieth century.

Born in 1867 to former slaves, Robert Moton was a valued advisor to five United States presidents, yet is virtually unknown to most Americans today. From his humble beginnings, Major Moton went on to succeed Booker T. Washington as principal of Tuskegee Institute in 1915, then lived out his retirement years at beautiful “Holly Knoll” on the banks of the York River in Gloucester County.
According to popular belief, Martin Luther King composed his “I Have a Dream” speech at Holly Knoll; and it is certain that the United Negro College Fund was first proposed there. McGovern’s course will give you a fascinating look at some historical facts that never made it into your school textbooks.

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